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My carding story

Do you try to find new cc cashout method? How did your 2019 start? Let me guess if you are reading these lines, you probably went to Google and looked for things like cc carding method, how to cashout fullz, buy bitcoin with stolen credit card, free cc dumps. Or somehow you find me, but I’m pretty sure one thing you’re having a bit of money trouble. Right?

Don’t be sad; life is hard. I used to be like you guys. When I was a student, I owed tuition; I owed my friends, I didn’t have a car and didn’t have a girlfriend (you probably know why). Then I decided to join the underground to find the fastest money opportunity. Even I worked very hard, searched all forums, websites about carding cc, buy bitcoin with stolen credit card, try to buy many cc cashout methods found on Google, and do it. And you guessed what I got. Yes, my debt increased terribly (LMAO) and a ton of shit cc to BTC method.

Never give up

I don’t mean all of them, but most of these cc carding methods are no longer working because it is getting more and more difficult by time, with security technologies such as 3-D of credit cards, OTP or f2a, etc. But I still didn’t give up, and then one day I saw a gentleman on the darkmarket, selling a pretty cool btc cashout method. And I decided to buy it for the last try; actually, I ran out of money (LOL). Fortunately, this time I won, it works like a real money machine.

My recent profit
Earning Proof Mar 2020 – $22,500

And then this carding method helped me pay my debts and time to sit here to share with you.
As a result, I decided to upgrade it to a more wonderful new version called Automator Money. The brilliant bitcoin cashout method, with the combination of what I have learned in the underground world in the past. And now I sell it for only $79.

Why I selling the cashout method

Maybe right now, you will think why the best cashout method worth thousands but I just sold it for $79, right? Does it work or am I trying to trick you again?

Firstly, as I said, you and I are quite similar. You and I have been a difficult time like you, so I understand what you are facing. It was horrible. I want to help you exit this. I have spent a lot of effort and time to research and develop it. And I’m still using it to make money as a result above. You may also understand that, the $79 for lifetime support fee, not for selling the cashout method.

Secondly, I can’t offer it for free; I have to sell it for $79 because I don’t want it to be so popular (many leakers out of there), the opportunity only comes to those who dare to accept it. If you are the one who knows how to seize the opportunity, then $79 is nothing you will earn hundreds of times.

Thirdly, you will get bitcoin instantly, no need to buy bitcoin with stolen credit card. Now we will return to the traditional way cashout methods 2018 a bit. As you know, if you want to cashout from cc to BTC, you have to prepare a whole of things as follows:

Simple carding process

  1. Stolen cc or CCV: very hard to find working cc or CVV to cashout. There are many issues like low balance, scam dump shop, 3-D secure, verification ID … a thousand problem in the first step.
  2. Cardable sites: sites with vulnerabilities, shared a lot on the Internet, so it is almost saturated; how lucky you are if you can find a page that can be carding. And you will lose quite a bit CCV for this step because you have to test many times. That is not to mention that you can be locked in the card as soon as you have paid.
  3. Verify and shipping: now the level is more difficult when you have to find ways to bypass the secure layer of the card such as ID, document, verifying … then more is that you have to wait for the process to see if it is successful or not then how to get the goods.
  4. Additional, you must have a VPN, RPD, VPS … many other tools.

That’s the easiest carding method in 2019, and as you see, it’s no easy. But with my best cashout method 2019, you don’t need to care about those issues. No more finding CVV to cash out, bypass verifying document or be scammed. Everything going to is as smooth as ever.

Lastly, it will undoubtedly work because it follows the code logic, you will see after you finish setting up. I am not merely selling the cashout methods, but I will show you how to create a real automated making money system.

Why you should buy it

As for its features, I have presented it on the homepage; you can look over there.
If you want to search for carding methods like E-woring, or how to cashout PayPal, go to free download here and find it, this method can’t do it. I am very sorry about that.
Here I have only a method to make money directly; you create and control, A to B, not through any intermediary or payment gateway. And you will not have to drown in google search with keywords like cvv carding method 2018, cc cashout method 2019, every year.

Remember, the early bird catches the worm.

Stay in this cashout methods 2019; I have gathered a lot of carding knowledge that I have learned in recent years. So you don’t need to have experience with carding CVV, CCV cashout or bypass secure layer. Also, I have divided into small stages, arranging them so that you can easily visualize and understand. The steps are presented in great detail with the illustration. Surely you can implement the cashout method and will not regret buying it.

Also, I’m committed to refunding if it doesn’t work, so why are you still hesitating?
I don’t give a demo; I give a chance. So want it or not is up to you.


The above is all I want to tell you. Thank you for taking the time to read through this article. Hope it will have useful information for you. No matter how difficult life is, don’t stop trying.
Besides, if you want to look for another earning opportunity, you can also become our partner through the affiliate program.
Thanks again for your interest in my cashout method, hoping to cooperate with you.

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